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Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to Grand Central Terminal

I don't think I'm alone in finding any train terminal (or terminus) a fascinating place; more august chroniclers have been very eloquent on this subject -- Chesterton calls the train station a cavern of wonder, a palace of poetical pleasures and finds in it much of the quietude and consolation of a cathedral. I like my stations noisy -- indeed, I'm always mesmerized by how the imposing facade of a train station yields to a bustling world of wonder, with people laughing, crying, walking, running, shouting, screaming to make themselves heard over the din; metal trolleys loaded with sacks making a clatter on the small tiles, and a rasping noice upon the asphalt of the platform. But there's a method to the madness -- trains come and go on a regular schedule, marked on large LED displays, ticking off arrivals and departures like a steady, unfeeling metronome - taking you to your destination -- where your life further unfolds.

I also don't think the idiom "trains of thought" is accidental. Many times my mind feels a lot like Grand Central Station --- a noisy, chaotic place were thoughts are born from vague mists and from other thoughts, where similar thoughts group, sometimes very clearly, to head to another logical end, another terminal, another destination --- a place where something new and something exciting is waiting to happen. It's certainly possible to give this station a firm place in cyberspace, and this blog is going to do exactly that.

This blog is also about discovery --- of trying to chart out all those trains to find which one I really want to take --- My name is Krishnan, I'm in my mid - twenties, and I work for Microsoft IT, based in Hyderabad, India. I studied Computer Science from Anna University in Chennai. I'm an Arian, a morning person, kind of a foodie (and look it), and I love reading, writing, Bhel Puri, the book "Atlas Shrugged", the concept behind "Yes Man", travelling and new experiences. I'm really interested in very many different things, and in my terminal I plan to play God -- enquire and inquire, breathe life into trains of thought that ask questions, explore and extend the limits of human knowledge and profitably lead you, gentle reader, and me, fearlessly to the destination: the realms of exalted consciousness.

Or I might just start random trains on whatever I feel like and have some fun. It's my terminal.

So welcome to Grand Central Terminal. This is where all trains of thought begin and this is where all journeys commence.

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